2023. Or: February, depending on how you look at it

Lau Wigglesworth

Well, this last year may have had more U turns and side swerves than a certain ex-Prime Minister, but let’s roll with it shall we?


Even though the year has ended way differently than I intended it at the start of 2022 it’s most definitely been all for the better. Even if it took some time to see that, the space that I’m occupying right now is mine; I created it, curated it, and I’m rightfully claiming it, so LET’S HAVE IT! Wanna join me? That’s cool, read on…


But first off, let’s have a little lightening speed recap of 2022’s highlight reel: 

  1. Won 2 awards
  2. Closed the retail shop
  3. Broke off a partnership when it transpired that they didn’t align with our values
  4. Laid out plans for a new business idea
  5. Took some major leaps with the book
  6. Embraced my newly discovered Neurospiciness and started leaning into it
  7. Moved all the businesses back to the home office
  8. Cut out some major toxicity and stopped making excuses for people
  9. Got to work on some really cool projects with some really cool folks
  10. Found myself a little bit and started trying to treat myself with grace


True to form; this is the most random list of achievements within a year, I reckon. Last year was an absolute blast, and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I got. Fair to say, I jumped in feet first for the majority of them!


So – onto this year. How to top last year? What new things do we have in store for 2023?

Well. That’s the catch. I’m not going to tell you!

A large chunk of last year was spent dealing with a LOT of health issues – and a lot of mental health jiggery pokery. There’s still a long road to treatment – have you SEEN the waiting lists for brain shizzle? But in the meantime I’m leaning into it – I’m using the hacks that I’ve found that work for me (visual countdown timer anyone? They’re amazing!), and I’m always open to hearing more; so feel free to hit me up with any recommendations that you have!


I’ve never been one for New Year resolutions; they’ve always struck me as a list of things that might last a month tops, then you get to beat yourself up about dropping them like a hot turd for the rest of the year. So we’re not going to be doing that, but with the office move, a less suffocating mindset and stress levels greatly reduced, 2023 feels like a really new fresh start, so let’s crack out the noise cancelling headphones and roll with it!

You may notice that we didn’t create the business planners for this year; that was fully intentional. I had the dawning realisation that they just don’t work for me, and a big part of my negative self-talk centred around the fact that planners and journals and diaries just don’t actually work for me, and the fact that I couldn’t even ‘keep up’ with using one that I designed and created was putting up a massive obstacle for any progress. So I just didn’t do it! And you know what? That’s totally OK. I plan on trying out some new techniques and planning methods this year to see if I can find some sort of mashup that works for me; or at least works better. Then the work on creating and designing something tangible begins. I may very well be on the lookout for testers for this later on in the year, so if you’re interested, make sure you’ve signed up for the mailing list, as that’s where I’ll be asking!


We will definitely be having a refresh and review of the website, along with our social media presence. In fact – whilst I’m at it – I haven’t had a phone tripod that’s lasted more than a month or two before I destroy it, so if you have any recommendations for these, I’m all ears (figuratively speaking – that would be weird otherwise).


There are a few ideas swirling round in my brain for new products, so you’ll definitely be seeing some of those too, but I’m not going to tell you what they are or when they’ll be launching; we’re going for a no pressure, having grace with yourself year, remember? But I can tell you I’m very excited.


I reckon that’s probably enough for right now – make your own rules, remember? But make sure you sign up to our mailing list for sneak peeks, updates and deals (you can do that here: That will also be getting an overhaul shortly, thanks to some rather awesome folk and their bootcamp. You know who you are!


See you shortly – I’m off to do some illustrating ready for a new project. I hope you enjoy your day as much as I will!

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