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Laura Wigglesworth

'Ow do, and welcome to Chelpings!

I'm Laura, and I own Ey Up Design. As you may be able to tell, I'm a Yorkshire Lass, and fair warning, I'm rubbish at 'About me' speech, but let's have a crack!

I've run my own businesses for a few years. Lozzie Ozzie was my first foray, and it still holds a special place in my heart. You can find it here: , but approach with caution if you have a delicate disposition, because as the tagline goes; it's frankly ridiculous! It's a little bit gobby ('common' as my Nan would say), and lots of fun. Ey Up Design is a relative baby - in fact this year we'll be two years old!

I started Ey Up as I wanted good quality, affordable stationery to reflect my little indie business, and I couldn't find any. So I started making my own! Almost two years and at least 15 printers in, and I am having the time of my life! It's evolved to offer short run wholesale to other Indie Businesses, and this year we have been honoured to be named as a trusty supplier in the Indie Rollercoaster handbook!

Anyway - enough about me - what can you expect from this blog? Weeeell... this year I'm going to get organised. And it's a journey. There's always something more pressing that needs to be done, and it is so easy for it to slip by the wayside, so let's have some accountability!

I'm having a do-over and starting from scratch - planners, schedules, to do lists, templates; you name it, I'm on it! There'll be free downloads in this blog for useful tools that can help your small business, and links for more detailed resources. And I would so love for it to be a community - so if you feel like this is your bag, and you fancy riding along and growing our businesses together, I'd be chuffed as nuts if you wanted to subscribe. I'm currently planning on blogging monthly, so don't worry - I'm not going to bombard your inbox! (Who has time for that?)


Got any ideas that you'd like to share? Or hints or tips? Then please do! I'd love to hear from you. Or if you just want to come along and tell me about your cat, then that's cool too!


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  • Hi, I’m just setting up as a jeweller – currently on etsy, but about to launch my own website. I’m looking for eco-packaging and other bits and bobs (like earring tabs). What’s your eco credentials?! Thank you


  • You are very brave! I have yet to find out how to do this – best wishes with your business.

    Sue Frecklington

  • Love your first post <3
    I solemnly swear that I will read your blog if you keep posting it. It is always good to read something light a friendly. Can’t wait to read your next post.
    Toria x

    Victoria Munt

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