Replanning my planning! Scheduling, ebooks and passive income.

‘ow do!


So… firstly – I’m sorry. I had a plan to blog at least once a month – I thought I’d set myself a reasonable, realistic target, and once a month would be completely doable! Guess what – I was wrong! My Mam did a BAD job!


I had me a fancy colour coded schedule all set up, and was ready to roll – and then… well, life happened. So here is my second attempt – I’m crossing everything (and I mean everything – including my legs, cos I’m on a roll, and I don’t want to get off my chair!) and having stern words with myself that I *will* do this; it’s not so hard, I really enjoy it, and you can never shut me up at the best of times, so I may as well get it out on here.


Speaking of life – it’s all a bit weird right now isn’t it? I hope you’re holding up ok? As a little family; me, Mr Ey Up, and the (not so) Tiny Overlord have had a real period of adjustment – in fact, yesterday we ventured out with the small for her first trip into the outside in 5 whole weeks. That sounds insane doesn’t it? We’ve enjoyed spending all the extra time together (mostly); a slightly slower pace of life; making the effort to contact friends and family – phone calls, voice notes and chats, video calls. But Zoom meetings? NOPE! Not for me! I was due to be giving an Etsy chat at a local meeting, and obviously that didn’t happen, so lucky old me got a real baptism of fire into Zoom calls! But I didn’t fall off my chair – so I’m absolutely classing that as a win!


As odd and as challenging as these times are, the absolute community and generosity of folk has been astounding. Local businesses donating hot food, snacks, clothing, treats, and so much to our hospitals; neighbours looking out for each other, businesses offering free or massively discounted online services – there’s so much stuff! And I’ve tried to reflect this on my Facebook page, which I’ve been trying to make into more of a community; as well as promoting my own products obviously – I’d be a bit rubbish if I didn’t, wouldn’t I? I’ve been trying to share resources, online help pages, and general goodwill, and I’ve really enjoyed it. Have you come across any amazing stuff online? If so, gimme a shout – I’d love to hear!


Business wise – it’s been a really strange time; I’ve tried to diversify, or ‘pivot’ (if you know, you know!), and in some ways the slowing down of orders has really given me the opportunity to tackle those things I’ve never got round to. In fact – my first ebook is due out on 24th April 2020 – you can preorder that here:


I’m a member of the Passively Perfect Academy, and have been for a while – and I’m finally finding chance to catch up on all the awesome modules and learning – it’s been great fun. If learning a little more about passive income sounds like something you might be interested in, then Joelle is running a special offer for a reduced membership for the next few months to help you adapt to these really challenging times. Just use code STRONG2020 at checkout. This is an affiliate link – because I’d get my hands slapped if it wasn’t!

(An affiliate link basically means that I earn a small commission if you decide to sign up using my link. It costs you nothing extra, and means that I get brownie points for utilising passive streams effectively!)

The Academy is the place that’s finally given me the royal kick up the Harris to get my  digital products made, and available online, and I’m so excited – I’ve got such a massive wishlist of things I want to get out there! Top of the list is that ebook – speaking of which, I’d better go and get it finished…

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